Newsletter – Term 1 2022

Dear Parents and Young Artists,

It’s been an exciting, fun-filled and very busy Term 1!  And wow! The time has flown by so fast! This term we have:

  • focused on colour theory aspects of chromatics: tints, tones and shades, analogous colours and complementaries; monochromatic collections
  • considered the Rule of Thirds, as well as contrast, texture and balance when composing an artwork
  • learnt about and used colour wheels to help us make choices
  • decorated papers for use in artworks, using the following techniques and materials… watercolour; wax resist; Gelli plate printing; acrylic paint – brushed on and stamped, sponged, scraped, rolled, stencilled; paste paint using fingers, combs and random tools; marbling in the Japanese Suminagashi style; adding layers by overstamping, overpainting and adding patterns with paint and gel pens
  • created our own set of foam stamps!
  • made two books by folding, cutting, covering, glueing;
  • decorated the “Gelli print” book, with consideration to the principles of design throughout the printing and embellishment stages
  • dyed silk ribbons and silk fabrics, using methods including Shibori Itajime (and made fabulous fashion accessories with them!)
  • learnt about and used a sewing machine and other sewing equipment
  • taken a foray into the world of collage using our hand decorated papers (2D artworks and a moving butterfly!)
  • explored colour mixing with polymer clay
  • learnt to follow a grid pattern, in the creation of an Easter motif keyring
  • made origami gift boxes from our lovely papers

I really hope you have had a good time and learnt plenty of arty tips!

Thank you very much, Parents, for your support!

Thank you, Students, for your enthusiasm, wonderful ideas, and dedication to art!

I hope to see you again soon!

If you are interested, please check out our exciting program for Term 2. We’ll be gathering inspiration from famous historical, and more contemporary, artists as once again, we explore a range of art materials and techniques.

Kind regards,