Newsletter Term 2, 2022

Dear Families,

Thank you for your enthusiastic involvement in LimeDoor’s art program! Term 2 has evaporated before our eyes! How did that time go by so fast?!

Term 2 classes were flurries of productivity! Each young artist worked so diligently towards creating a body of work for their Art Exhibition. They are true artists, working on stages of their products over weeks, waiting for stuff to dry and set, re-visiting, adding, adjusting ideas, building their collections, making them just right for the public eye! It took dedication and stamina, and a mindset that allowed the artist to move between several projects in the one session! It was especially hard that they couldn’t take their works home each week!

This term we have discussed the creative lives and ideas of eight famous and contemporary artists (Salvador Dali, Frida Kahlo, Joan Miro, Mirka Mora, Robert Indiana, Jasper Johns, Mulyana and Stephanie Kilgast). Their art has inspired us to think about visual language, worldly ideas and issues, and personal experiences when making our own works, with our own subjects.

We have produced machine and hand-stitched, painted, Mirka Mora inspired soft sculptures; JoanMiro-inspired 2D painting and clay sculpture; a Kahlo-inspired floral headband, Mexican themed shrinkie bracelet and butterfly brooch; “letters” 2D art, keychain ornaments, shrinkie and jewellery, inspired by Jasper Johns and Robert Indiana; polymer clay coral pools, inspired by the works of Mulyana and Kilgast; some students have enjoyed optional projects, such as personal responses to the term’s work and the Surrealist ( Dali, Kahlo, Miro) parlour game, “Exquisite Corpse”!

Thankyou, families, for your enthusiasm and support for this gallery exhibition.  We know you will LOVE (see what I did there, Robert Indiana?) the exhibition your children have prepared for you. The students are all excited to share it. Seeing their work valued and displayed with respect nurtures the idea that ongoing, sometimes difficult processes can lead to a wonderful and worthy conclusion- one that gives pride and satisfaction, and an understanding of ‘reward for effort.’